Friday, 3 May 2013

Praise the Lord! The book is now out! After three years of interviewing eyewitnesses of this awesome move of God, The Faith Clinic Revival finally got released last weekend, just in time for the 20th year remembrance of Bro. Ibe's departure from this world. I consider it a honour to be used of God to put the book together. I wish I had started in 2006 when He first told me to embark on the work!

Early indications and feedback are showing that it is a vital work. May the Lord use it for His glory; and may it inspire us to expect more from God. I'll post excerpts and purchasing information soon. Have you seen or read a copy? Please let us know. Thanks!

"The Church will be grateful for this work."
- Pastor Alex Adegboye, Stone Church Ibadan, Nigeria

Friday, 15 February 2013

Remembering Bro. Ibe... How time flies!

If a thousand years is like a day before the Lord, then twenty will be what... a milli-second? Yes, it feels just like yesterday that Bro. Ibeneme, founder of Faith Clinic Ibadan, went to be with the Lord, even though it is twenty years this May. After these many years, his impact in the lives of many remains.

For quite a while now, and increasingly in the last few weeks, I have had to delve into the life and times of Bro. Ibe and Faith Clinic. The 20th anniversary is drawing near, and I am working to finish the book that the Lord mandated me to write about this unique revival (I covet your prayers, please, for grace and inspiration to complete the assignment!). And what can I say? It has been such a blessing; a humbling experience; a refreshing reality. Bro. Ibe was indeed an instrument of revival in the hands of God.

Incidentally, Faith Clinic, for the past twenty years, had hosted a yearly 'Prophetic Prayer Conference' every May since Bro. Ibe's transition. This May (2nd - 5th) will be the 20th edition, and everyone is cordially invited. The book will be released during the conference (in Jesus' name, Amen!).

So, please mark your diaries. If you had once been impacted by the ministry of Faith Clinic, make plans to be at the grounds at Ijokodo. Let us celebrate together the memory of a great servant of God. Do you know others who were part of Faith Clinic? Get the word out to them. More than a celebration of Bro. Ibe, the Lord will challenge us ALL in our individual walks of faith and refresh us with His Spirit for the next phase of our journeys.

See you at Faith Clinic next May!

Faith Clinic Nig (Inc.)
A.K.A. Chapel of Faith
Along Sango-Eleyele Road
Ijokodo/WAEC Junction
Tel: 08031564116

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Without faith...

Hebrews 11:6 was Faith Clinic's motto in the days of Bro. Ibeneme.  This humble servant of God believed God through and through.  He took the word literally and believed that God meant every word of it.  He lived a life pleasing to God because he lived by faith.

A new generation of believers need to arise urgently.  A people who will believe God when He speaks and obey Him when He instructs.  It is not enough to believe God; we must also obey Him in all things.  Bro. Ibe learnt to follow God as He led the way.  The result of this was undeniable: signs, wonders, diverse miracles and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Thank God for this great legacy!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

My last visit to Faith Clinic

I visited the Faith Clinic grounds a few weeks ago and met Bro. Adolphus, one of the faithful ministers who has remained loyal to God and to the ministry. Some will remember the tall, serious-looking minister who was mightily anointed and terribly feared by devils!

He's much older now and still passionate about God. We shared fellowship and updated on a few things. I confessed that the book projected was more or less on hold, but assured that it will gather more pace when I could spend more time seeing and interviewing people in Nigeria.

I noticed a new construction going on just by the entrance of the premises. It is on the same spot where the first make-shift building was raised when Faith Clinic meetings moved from Adamasingba Stadium to the newly acquired plot of land just off the Sango-Eleyele by pass. Oh how I remember that spot!...

My last visit to Faith Clinic in December 1992 before moving to UK was at this very place. There were not as many people in attendance, compared to the UCH or Adamasingba crowds. I was sitting on one of the long, wooden benches close to the back of the shed. In the course of the evening, they began to show us a video teaching by Morris Cerrulo. Sure, this was an unusual programme in Faith Clinic, and I cannot recall if there were other ministrations before or after the video session (I can only assume there was). I cannot remember, either, what Morris Cerrulo taught on the video other than the fact it was one of the ones in which he taught using a green board and chalk.

In spite of the unusual nature of the meeting, something happened to me that I have remembered ever since. A burden came upon me and waves of spiritual emotion swept through my body. I crouched on the bench and prayed from my heart, committing the whole of my life to God and His agenda on the earth. As I continued in this state, I heard the Lord speaking clearly in my spirit words that have never left me. He said, "Son you are going to the UK. I am not sending you to pastor a church; I am not sending you to lead worship; I am not giving you to a single congregation." Although my eyes were full of tears and my body was shaking all over, these words registered in the depth of my spirit, and they continue to speak to me even today...

Anyway, the new construction, Bro. Adolphus said, will serve as the meeting place for the church and the present auditorium will be used by the youth. I can only pray that the Lord will continue to meet with His people there and give some encounters that they will remember for the rest of their lives!

If you once attended Faith Clinic and have a story to tell, please get in touch with me ( The work is still in progress!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

It's a massive task!

For quite a while, I have not had the opportunity to do much with the assignment to write about the Faith Clinic years. It is simply a massive assignment! There are a lot of people to interview, a lot of miles to travel, and a lot of materials to digest. I have to be in Nigeria for a considerable length of time to make meaningful progress.

If anyone wants to be part of the Research Team for this project, please get in touch with me (

This is God-assigned, worthy task, and it will be completed in due season!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

FAITH CLINIC: One legacy out of many!

One of the largest denominations in Nigeria has, for many years, adopted the tag "Faith Clinic" for their weekly prayer and deliverance service. Is this a coincidence or does it have something to do with Bro. Ibe and Faith Clinic Ibadan?

This is how it happened. As God caused the news of His move in Faith Clinic to spread throughout Ibadan and its surroundings, it became obvious that so many people were suffering from demonic oppression and needed deliverance. Without any adverts, the crowds kept coming. What accompanied this influx of people was the need for more labourers. This is exactly how Jesus viewed the harvest field in His day - there were a lot of people that needed ministry but very few labourers to minister to them.

Gradually, God brought faithful labourers to Faith Clinic. He also led the team to start a Training School to equip believers in the Faith and raise more labourers who could competently counsel and pray for people. Towards this same end, a team of teachers began to visit other churches to teach congregations on the subject of deliverance and help raise up teams for the church. Remember, in the early years, Faith Clinic was a "para-church ministry". The ministry sought to bless God's people and His Church.

Everywhere the teachers went, the same miracles and manifestations that were witnessed in Faith Clinic followed them. It was the impact of what God did through the teachings in many of the congregations of this major denomination that led to the adoption of the tag "Faith Clinic" for one of their weekly services. To God be all the glory for this enduring legacy!

Bro. Ibe: An Apostle of Love

Many people may remember Bro. Ibe as someone God used to bring deliverance to the oppressed, however, almost everyone I have interviewed thus far, those who knew him from close range, remember him for his heart of love. He lived a life of love - love for God and love for people.

Bro. Ibe will do anything and go to any length to show God's love to others. And it was genuine love from the heart. He was touched by the problems of others and was moved by compassion to minister to them. The thrill was not in the fact that demons obeyed him in the name of Jesus, but that someone was set free from the devil and shown grace by God. How different from some who are excited by the obedience of demons; worse still who capitalise on people's predicaments and use them to build their ministries. What can we say about those who televise demonic manifestations? Is this an act of love to a needy person or an attempt to validate and show off supposed spiritual power?

Many deliverances in Faith Clinic we dramatic and spectacular, but the focus was on setting the
captives free. This was Bro. Ibe preoccupation, motivated by love. He was a proclaimer of the good news and was passionate about seeing people come into the Kingdom. He loved the sinner and spent himself to introduce them to Christ.

Bro. Ibe also loved his co-workers. He was not domineering or intimidating. He trained, raised and encouraged the ministers, many of who were young believers sold out to God. Many are still serving God faithfully today. They saw in Bro. Ibe an example of love and commitment for God.

If you knew Bro. Ibe, please share your recollections. An entirely new generation need to learn from his exemplary life of love, purpose and sacrifice. Over to you!